JP 12 P-3L

Pre Running-in Ceramic bearing Option


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JP12 P-3L

The JP 12 P-3L is based on an engine which is a reference on the market the FX 12 T03. This JP FirstLine version follows upon numerous tests and focusing to conceive an engine adapted to the drivers avid to have a quality engine without acquiring an expensive engine. The JP12 P-3L First Line is endowed with 3 ports and with a Turbo crankshaft approved EFRA and IFMAR. This engine will allow numerous drivers to get a true racing engine at moderate price.

Technical Data JP 12 P-3L
C. Capacity 2,09 cc
Bore : 13,80 mm
Stroke : 14,04 mm
Ports : 3
Crankshaft : ø 11,5 mm
Carburettor : ø 5,4 mm + reducer
Glow Plugs : Turbo
Weight : 211 gr

# JP 12 P-3L

Black crankcase JP 12 P-3L

Black crankcase JP 12 P-3L

The JP12 P-3L Stock version is endowed with a completely comparable crankcase with the other engines FX Engine 12. This crankcase tested for several years on the series FX Engine is very strong and perfectly machined for an engine of this price. This quality crankcase will insure the JP12 P-3L Stock a very high level of performance.
This Black crankcase is, as on all crankcases modified JP Racing, the label of the JP brand and its identity since 20 years.

WARNING: Place the piston on the top dead center (PMS) before removing the rear cover.

Cylinder Head JP 12 P-3L

Cylinder Head JP 12 P-3L

The JP 12 P-3L cooling head is endowed with 9 large ribs. Shape and size are specially studied for an optimal cooling of this Rally JP Engine. The blue colour head is engraved JP and P-3L.

Head insert Turbo

Head insert TURBO

The insert is a "Turbo" version to give an optimum performance to the JP12 P-3L.

WARNING: it is very important to use only a Novarossi Glow Plug for this engine. Only this Glow Plug is perfectly adapted with this insert. The use of other brands can make the engine instable and damage the insert and the piston sleeve

3 Ports ABC SleevePiston JP12 P-3L

3 Ports ABC Sleeve

The JP 12 P-3L Piston-sleeve is in accordance with 100 % in the specifications of the standard EFRA and IFMAR with its 3 ports. The piston is casted with a special alloy of aluminium. The connecting rod is endowed with 2 brass rings for an optimum longevity.
Every piston sleeve set are fine tuned for optimum timing and better gas flow compared to Stock version. Each piston and sleeve manualluy fixed to check optimum tightening and best compression.

Crankshaft JP 12 P-3L

Crankshaft "Turbo" HardBlack Coated

The drawing of the JP 12 P-3L crankshaft give to this engine an good bottom power and a good top speed. It's machining has been studied for a good balancing and so to obtain an excellent longevity of the engine's bearings. The drawing of the crankshaft's hole is studied for a perfect gas flow. Like all the Eagle line, the crankshaft is HardBlack coated, a red putty, used for over 20 years on JP Racing engines, is placed in designed hole of the crankshaft to improve gas flow.
Like the piston sleeve set, each shaft is fine tuned for optimum timing and better gas flow compared to Stock version.

WARNING: Do not put the shaft inside solvent or gasoline for cleaning.
This liquides are able to damage the red dough.


Carburettor JP 12 P-3L

The carburetor's body of the JP 12 P-3L is made in aluminium and machined to receive an exchangeable reducer of 5,4mm. Other sizes of reducer are available. This carburetor has already given evidence and confers to the JP 12 P-3L engine an easy setting and good performance. As on all JP Engines the idle setting is limited on a single screw to adjust even easier and user friendly. This carburetor has already proved its worth and confer with Eagle 12 TL-3T engine a great stability setting and excellent performance.