Eagle 21 B-7

Pre Running-in Ceramic Bearing Option


R6 CONROD (light) with special HardBlack treated wrist pin

R6 CONROD (light)

Eagle 21 B-7
Eagle 21 B-7

Eagle B-7N engine is designed for 1/8 Buggy and Truggy. This engine has been developed to provide even more performance and reliability. The new type of adopted piston sleeve provides the best combination of power, flexibility and consumption. The new design of the exhaust light has been studied to perfect the balance between power and consumption. This engine has an excellent autonomy and often allow over 8 minutes. The Eagle Buggy engine is fixed with high-speed bearings. The front bearing is special with two waterproof protections and rear one to protect the best engine assaults, dust and water. The special rear bearing is studied to reduce the vibrations of rotating parts.

Technical Data Eagle 21 B-7
C. Capacity :3,49 cc
Bore :16,26 mm
Stroke :16,80 mm
Ports : 7
Crankshaft : ø 14 mm
Carburetor : ø 8 mm + reducer
Glow Plugs : Normal
Weight : 385 gr

# Eagle 21 B-7N

Black crankcase Eagle 21 B-7

Black Crankcase

The Eagle 21 B-7N Black version has endowed in crankcase at any point comparable to other FX Engine. The quality of crankcase has been revised for a crankshaft ø14mm and provide the Eagle 21 B-7N Black a very high level of performance. The rear cover has been redesigned to reduce the dead volume of the bottom crankcase. The lowest volume increases crankcase depression and increases the speed of gas.
This Black crankcase is, as on all crankcases modified JP Racing, the label of the JP brand and its identity since 20 years.

WARNING : Place the piston on the top dead center (PMS) before removing the rear cover.

Cooling-head. Eagle 21 B-7


The cylinder head of Eagle 21 B-7N is endowed with 9 cooling ribs. Its shape and size are designed for optimum cooling and its getting down the center of gravity of the engine.

Normal under-head Eagle 21 B-7

Normal head insert

The insert fixed on this engine is a "Normal" type. The Standard glow-plug used with this insert allows an easy tuning of the engine.

7 ports ABC SleeveDie-cast piston Eagle 21 B-7

7 ports ABC Sleeve with boosters

This 7 ports sleeve is revolutionary in the Off-Road engine’s range. The exhaust has two boosters in order to increase performances and to manage better fuel consumption.The conrod is R7 type is the last generation conrod is lightened with 2 bushings. The casted piston is also drilled to decrease the piston temp.
Every piston sleeve set are fine tuned for optimum timing and better gas flow compared to Stock version. Each piston and sleeve manualluy fixed to check optimum tightening and best compression.

Turbo Crankshaft Eagle 21 B-7

Turbo Crankshaft

The crankshaft of the Eagle is handled completely HardBlack and machined to have a very light weight, more acceleration at low speed and stop consumption. The HardBlack coating on crankshaft avoids the problems of dust setting. Like all the Eagle line, the crankshaft is HardBlack coated, a red putty, used for over 20 years on JP Racing engines, is placed in designed hole of the crankshaft to improve gas flow.
Like the piston sleeve set, each shaft is fine tuned for optimum timing and better gas flow compared to Stock version.

WARNING: Do not put the shaft inside solvent or gasoline for cleaning.
This liquides are able to damage the red dough.

Carburetor Eagle 21 B-7


The special Off-Road carburetor uses a plastic body to prevent the «vapor-lock». This carburetor is coming with an 8mm reducer (red) its also available in different sizes. As on all JP Engines the idle setting is limited on a single screw to adjust even easier and user friendly. This carburetor has already proved its worth and confer with this engine a great stability setting and excellent performance.